Rob Helweg

Freelance senior Prince2® gecertificeerde ICT projectmanager met ruime ervaring op het gebied van installatie en migratie (databases, storage, infrastructuur en software), het inrichten van beheeromgevingen, internet/online shops/applicaties en software ontwikkeling. Gewerkt met multidisciplinaire, multi-vendor, global teams in uitdagende, complexe en politiek gevoelige omgevingen.


  • 28 jaar ICT ervaring (consultancy en management)
  • Inhoudelijk en strategisch gesprekspartner
  • Resultaatgericht
  • Stressbestendig
  • Enthousiasmerend
  • Analytisch


  • Online/internet
  • Retail/FMCG
  • ICT Service organisatie
  • Verzekeringsmaatschappij
  • Overheid (gemeente en politie)
  • Adviesbureau
  • Openbaar vervoer
  • Vervoer

Vragen, feedback of een opdracht?

Ron van den B.

I have worked with Rob for about six months within T-Systems for the Shell Global Account. Rob was as PM responsible for defining the scope, acceptance criteria and detailed planning of a massive release for a new storage service to be provided to Shell. This was also to be based on all kinds of new technologies with uncertain delivery dates. From the beginning Rob kept asking questions until a subject was completely clear to him (and others) and, according to feedback and confirmations, he proved to be a good listener. Despite several changes in policy on a higher level, Rob stayed optimistic and persistent in updating project scope and planning. He managed to deal with difficult circumstances and was creative in finding adequate solutions. Most of all Rob was a great colleque to work with and is a great person to drink a beer with!

Tom S.

Program Manager at T-Systems. Rob worked for me as a senior PM in the Shell Global Account. He worked on complex projects in an idendependent and professional way. He left a great impression with both his project team and sponsors. Thanks for a job well done Rob and hope we can work together in the future!

Luc de B.

Rob was a Senior Project manager working on one of our strategic projects within the Storage Overall Program on the Shell account. It was a pleasure for me to work with Rob because of his patience,his positive attitude & motivation to do a good job and as a team player. I appreciated him very much as a person. Rob is highly professional as a PM, he is reliable and pro- active for anticipating risks and issues. Good communication skills. Would not hestitate to work with Rob in the future again.